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Berlin is a bushy, high-yielding, mostly Afghani-Indica plant that produces large buds and a powerful high. Great indoor or outdoor, Berlin grows well in a variety of conditions and is easy to maintain. Resilient and forgiving, easy to trim, Berlin is popular amongst the medical community for its pain and nausea relieving qualities. Tear down the wall of pain with Berlin today.

* Grow Location: Indoor / Outdoor
* Flowering: 9 weeks

Big Mac

Beating out some very well known strains and placing second in the 2000 Nimbus Cup, Big Mac has since gained the reputation as being a contender. A massive producer, this award winning strain is recognized by medical patients as the strain to have, hands down and thumbs up. Prized for its size and potency, Big Mac serves up large portions of healthy life saving medicine, making other strains pale in comparison. Don't be disappointed by the rest, try Big Mac and go home a winner!

* Flowering time: 8 weeks.

Cotton Candy

An old Vancouver Island strain that originates from Afghani and Haze seed lines, recognized by the medical community for its pain relief without the drowsiness. Wonderful fragrance with an earthy flavor and long lasting high. The Cotton Candy will produce one ounce of dense bud per gallon of soil/root mass. The Cotton Candy has deep green leaves with a bushy growth structure that makes it almost as wide as it is tall. Known for its astringent qualities, the Cotton Candy has an extreme drying effect and it is recommended a glass of water or juice should be at hand while medicating.

* Grow Location: Indoor
* Flowering: 8 weeks

Crown Royal

Combining the 12 wk Hawaiian Sativa with the 6 wk Mikado produces one of the most unique and distinctive strains available. Crown Royal tastes and smokes like a Sativa but looks and grows like an Indica. Patients report that this strain is effective for pain relief with little or no energy loss, speeding up recovery time after exercise or illness. Eat well, exercise well and smoke well. Crown Royal may be all you need.

* Grow Location: Indoor
* Flowering: 8 weeks

Hawaiian Sativa

The Hawaiian is a pure sativa origininating from the big Island of Hawaii and found in abundance not far from Mauna Kea. It's been bred and stabilized for more than 15 years on Vancouver Island. Sugary with crystal, it has a very destinctive citrus odour and menthol flavour that tingles the taste buds and tickles the brain. Tall vigorous growth with few branches, classic cactus shape. Extreme elongation in the first two weeks of flowering with tufts of long thin hairs developing into long sticky spear buds which thicken up after the sixth or seventh week. The lemon flavor intensifies when flushed for a long time (3 weeks) with straight water. Very energetic and up high, great to smoke during the day for an active lifestyle. Height 8 feet Flowering time 10-12 wks Yield 8 oz full size. 3/4oz in a 2 gal pot. Harvest outdoor Nov 1 to forever.

* Genetics: Sativa
* Type: Indoor/Outdoor
* Yield: High
* Flowering: 10-12 weeks
* Harvest: 1st week Nov.

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