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Infinity is the sweet successor to the award-winning genetics of Burmese x Fucking Incredible that I helped develop during my years at VISC; Not a replacement but a complement in your garden. An extremely easy to grow, fantastic yielding beauty, Infinity shines indoors or out. Soil really brings out her incredible flavor; in water flip to bud as soon as your cuttings roots are revealed.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 9 weeks


Her cerebral high is powerful and commands respect but is blind to anything but your pursuit of happiness. Citrus-like aroma, Justice grows sativa in nature and has done extremely well outdoors. She always performs impeccably during indoor operations.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 9 weeks

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty is a bold sensory sensation of fruity flavors and citrus scent. Her independent high leaves you enjoying a world of intellectual creativity while diminishing your body's stresses and pain. An impressive array of dense lime green buds shimmer with light reflecting resins that feel sensuous and silky yet sticky like creamy caramel to your touch. Great Indoors but be cautious of outdoor humidity.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 6 - 8 weeks


Multiple teardrop shaped light green buds glistening with golden resins adorn this plant at every node. Her scent as sweet as candy. Ultimate Mother plant to fulfill your outdoor operation or sea of green needs. Clones require very little vegetative time and elongate well. Flip as soon as roots are established. Flush thoroughly.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 9 weeks


Stealth has a delectable smooth flavor and dark buds with a subtle musky scent that is both lusty and difficult to detect. A shorter velvety plant with plush dense colas, Stealth provides a good yield every time.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 6 - 8 weeks

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