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The complete breeding back ground of this strain is a bit of mystery but I have been told it consist of what flooded Northern tropical Australia back in the early 70s the all great PNG Gold and various Hawaiian/Fuji strains. Papua New Guinea Gold would most likely be the main contributor to this strain. Some time back it was then crossed with a wide leaf strains as the old timers call it, Indica I presume. They crossed what they already had with this wide leaf variety (indica?) to rise above there competition and this is what they have today. With this indica crossing thirty years back has most likely cut down the flowering time making this super sativa strain possible to grown indoors.

303 is a sweet spicy fruity flavour with a piney-fruity aroma with a very intense high mind-lifting it can bring about heart-racing and even panic for users not used to strong sativas or if overdone, due to its creeping effect can soon have you blown off your feet. Don't make the mistake of whacking a few fast ones down because before you know it your praying it will wear off fast as it can just become to intense for the user. This strain is a super long lasting stone that does not need to be constantly topped up every hour like many it just last and last.

Warning some growers have reported 303 after session affects to leave the mind and body exhausted/burnt out!

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is a awesome indoor hybrid that is Sativa dominant it has a high calyx/leaf ratio & finishes flowering in 7 weeks or less. Expect some variation among individuals. When selecting a keeper I would aim for the more short heavily branched plants with great amounts off dense, resinous bud sites Apollo 11 and Ice Princess are similarly frosty and potent with different highs & flavours. Apollo 11 can be considered "smart weed", very cerebral and thought provoking, a happy high and a citrus flavour.
* Indoor
* Flowering: around 45-50 days

Apollo Orange

A superb super fast finishing A-11 Genius pheno father was used for this cross.
This male displayed an awesome array of angular branching carrying a very lemon like smell and flavour. With this splendid male I crossed it with my only Cali O female that constantly produced Pink pistils while in flower.

The California Orange mother not only had sweet pink pistils but carried the most sweet tropical smell and taste combined with a nice "up" high. Combining these two sweet fruity numbers has produced lovely highs and with a plant that can be harvested as early as 7 weeks of flowering.
Very easy to grow and clone. Yield is excellent when sufficient veg time is allowed. Nice, oily buds with the heavenly tropical fruity scent passed down from their parents. A keeper in everyone's garden!

* Genetics: A-11 Genius pheno male x California Orange
* Flowering: around 50-55 days

Apollo Thunder

Matanuska Thunder from Brother's Grimm grew some huge size rock hard buds with many girls snapping due to the great weight and size. I myself found Matanuska Thunder to be very mould resistant compared to other strains with a terrific smooth high and a intensely skunky smell and flavor. Of around 30 females only one was used for this cross and this particular MTF clone produced a strong trait of purple not a result of cold temps. As you know both these strains are known for their legendary highs and above average yields and by crossing A-11 into MTF has lowered the flowering time to around the 7 week mark and still keeping that awesome high that many of us love. Great for the indoor cultivators wanting great yields and highs. This cross is just another lot of dense resinous buds that produces magical highs.

* Genetics: Apollo 11 x Matanuska Thunderfuck
* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flowering: around 7-8 weeks

Apollo11 G Pheno

Apollo 11 f2 collected from a Genius Phenotype Mother.This batch of beans were collected from a A-11 Genius phenotype the only one of 35+ Apollo f1s girls grown out. This batch of beans are currently being tested by many people and have been returning some positive results. It will be interesting to see what the chances are of getting more Genius phenotypes from this batch but nothing can be promised . Three different A-11 phenotype males were used to pollinate this A-11 Genius phenotype female so chances of finding a keeper should be high. So for the people who seek the Genius traits of A-11 I feel these beans would be a very good starting block for there breeding /growing ventures. Either way Genius pheno or not you will be sure to have some great smoke and growin fun.
* Indoor
* Flowering: around 45-50 days

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