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Avalon was selectively bred in B.C. for 3 years using our Afghani x Blueberry to create a versatile in/outdoor strain which is now an F4. Extremely resinous. This plant is stout and fat with stalked resin glands out to the sun leaves. Ready in 6 weeks but will keep getting bigger if grown longer. Indoors, clones grow about 3 - 4 feet max., outdoors they grow between 4 - 5 feet. Huge buds, large yields.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 45 days/Outdoor End of September
* Approx Yield: 400 - 450 grams per square meter

BC Big Bang

Very strong plants. F1 hybrid vigor, great production strain for the beginner or the professional. Highly resinous, with a "fruity cat piss" smell. BC Big Bang seen on May/June 99 cover of Cannabis Culture.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 45 - 50 days
* Approx Yield: 400 - 450 grams per square meter

Blue Dynamite

A very sweet and fruity treat. Branchy plant with pink/purple hues as it finishes. Good yield and very heavy resin. Avalon (Blueberry x Afghani) x Dynamite hybrid.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 6 - 7 weeks/Outdoor Early October
* Approx Yield: 400 - 500 grams per square meter

Blueberry Punch

As the name suggests, a beautiful Blueberry mother was selected, then we added a shot of Romulan for an extra bang to the senses. See if you can take the punch.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 8 weeks/Outdoor Middle to Late October
* Approx Yield: 300 - 400 grams per square meter


Beautiful purple outdoor strain selectively bred outdoors from Blueberry, Grapefruit and South African Sativa genetics.

* Awards: Best Outdoor BC Fall Harvest Cup 2002
* Flowering Time: Indoor 6 - 8 weeks/Outdoor End of September
* Approx Yield: 300 - 350 grams per square meter

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