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This is one the most potent varieties, well known with growers, and never a disappointment. 100% Indica with very wide leaves. Our Afghan was 12 years in development. I t has the vigor and yield typical of Afghani's, but a much improved taste. The trichomes contain so much THC they look like they are going to burst. Perfect for cross breeding to add strength, vitality and yield to your old "played out" strains. Heavy THC buds.Some plants turn purple during harvest time. Strong high and a good yield. A must for Indica fans and a real heavy hitter

* Genetic: Pure indica
* Indoors: 8 - 9 weeks


A mostly sativa strain. Our version of the famous "one hit wonder". Won several prizes in the 90's. Super Sativa high. Grows and flowers real fast for a sativa.

Australian Blue

* Father: Blue Haze
* Mother: Australian Boesi
* Sativa/Indica: 90/10
* Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks
* Taste: Soft taste with a lemony smell
* Yield: good


This plant is a truly superior Skunk breed that grows some very heavy buds.Ideal for the commercial Skunk grower. As with other Skunk varieties, this one also has a superior and a sweet taste that make you detect the sativa influence. A super fast Skunk strain.

* Origin: Skunk
* Indoor: 7 weeks

Big Bud

Mostly Indica,and a cash croppers delight.

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