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11:59 Armageddon

Oh my god, it's the end of the world as we know it! The Pukka Seeds Company. The echelon of echeltology. It's a bolt from the blue to know that Armageddon Skunk is a F1 hybrid combining the best of Pukka G13 Hash Plant Maple Leaf BigBud. It's a revelation to see such a holy trinity in perfect equalibrium. (The main attractor that lies at the end of history calling your name.) Armageddon Skunk - as recommended by four horsemen. "Smeg! I'm famished," said Famine. "I feel totally dead," said Death. "War? In this state?" said War. "Not today, thanks," said Pestilence. Prepare to meet thy fate (11:59).

* TYPE : Sativa/Indica
* FLOWERING : 7-8 weeks
* YIELD : 325-1000 grams/m2


A pure breeding indica which took secomd place at the cannabis cup award 1994. Very strong plant resistant to most insects and mould, not that it lasts that long. Short stature, thick stems, broad leaves, heavy resinous buds. Original genus, not crossed. Pure Afghani in a seed. There can be only one! If you're a Afghan man, this will get you canned.

* TYPE : mostly Indica
* FLOWERING : 7 Weeks
* YIELD : 325 grams/m2

Afghani Gold

An Afghan#1 male and female of the best clones were chosen to produce this sensational seed. An exceptionally strong smelling fine Pukka Seeds Afghan. Flowering in seven weeks. This is an original genus strain crossed with the finest, the strongest and the smelliest Afghanis of them all. If you're an Afghani fan, this is more fun than one with a Kalashnikov.

* TYPE : mostly Indica
* FLOWERING : 7 weeks
* YIELD : 350 g/m2

Afghani Skunk

Type Indoor/Greenhouse Flowering 7 weeks Yield 300-325g/m2 Superb Super Skunk, Afghan #1 cross, an upgrade to the fast growing bushy, high yeiding super skunk. Pukka Seeds strong vigorous growth. Short flowering time and the renouned strength and resilience of the afghani. This skunk packs more punch than a Shaolin Monk! Also known as a fat-arse bhudda producer (and we're not talking vinyl, not 'alf mate)

* TYPE : mostly Indica
* FLOWERING : 7 weeks
* YIELD : 350 grams/m2

Big Bud Afghani

A cross between Afghan#1 (high resin quantity and quality) and Big Bud (superb yield and aroma). This is a favourite in our collection. Large plant with thick a stems and broad leaves, big colas and high resin content. This cross was engineered to stabilise the the unstability of Big Bud. This is a heavy-weight performer who will be your friend for life; as loyal as a dog

* TYPE : Sativa Indica
* YIELD : 375 grams/m2

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