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THC Seeds Braveheart is a combination of the strongest plants available 50% of the elusive legendary Indica Northern Lights #5 and 50% of Pure Thai the Sweetest Sativa with the most cerebral of highs, giving you a plant worthy of the name Braveheart. Check this one out for potency be warned this is an extremely strong plant and should be treated with care, not for the novice. You have been warned!

* Flowering : 10-11 weeks
* Yield : 350g - 450g per m2


THC Seeds Hashplant is bred from a pure Afghan Indica and a pure Nepalese Indica line dripping with resin glands an excellent producer of solid compact and dense buds with full fruity flavour. Another aptly named species as a by product of these buds are the leafs which can be utilised with amazing results, grow it and you will know it.

* Flowering : 6-8 weeks
* Yield : 450g - 550g per m2


Highlander is a combination of Afghan and Haze parentage an excellent blend of Indica and Sativa flavours, providing chunky nuggets of buds. A proven plant that once smoked will allow you to enter the Misty Afghan Highlands and travel the path of the enlightened ones. This THC Seeds is another extremely strong species only for the seasoned green campaigner, easier to grow than THC Seeds Braveheart.

* Flowering : 6-8 weeks
* Yield : 400g - 500g per m2

Northern Skank

THC Seeds Northern Skank is developed from the elusive legendary THC Seeds Northern Lights #5 and Skunk a producer of solid, compact and dense buds which are both potent and plentiful making this plant a favourite with both the commercial and personal growers alike. Previously unavailable this THC Seeds combination is a knockout, enjoy!

* Flowering : 6 - 8 weeks
* Yield : 450g - 550g

Pure Skank

THC Seeds Pure Skank is a 100% Skunk which is the purest available to man characteristically smelly with buds like donkey's dicks. THC Seeds Pure Skank This is an excellent plant for expert and the beginner alike being very easy to grow and produce excellent mind numbing results. Easy Skanking!

* Flowering : 6 - 8 weeks
* Yield : 500g - 600g per m2

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