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Grenadella Super Psychoactive Mega Bud Producer. Smooth & Racey with Soaring Grapefruit High. Short stout compact if grown indoors with a 10 day veg cycle

* Flowering: 55 days


Mabombe is a Sativa dominant THC Rich "Mother of a Bomb". Based on the extremely psychoactive Malawi White Russian line. Sweetened with the candied Sweet Tooth 3, Grapefruit line & combined with a Congo Nepalese (IBL). Delicious fruity sweet smooth Malawi Congolese taste with a white out punch if overdone. Outdoors in N' Hemisphere it finishes around the end of October. Fast & easy to grow with very good mould resistance.

* Flowering Time : 75 days of 12/12 indoors.

Malawi 99

Malawi 99 F1 is a powerful sativa strain based on the especially spicey psychoactive Afropips Malawi Gold (IBL). A Clean Vibrant High Combined with the clear energetic & devastatingly psychoactive, short statured Cinderella 99 (IBL). Exhibits Malawi African Hybrid vigour.

Malawi 99 grows fast & large. Very similar to the Malawi plant size & structure with heavier speedy buds Its a high THC plant that has a sharp Malawi Gold taste.

Outdoors in N' Hemisphere it finishes around the end of October. Fast & easy to grow with very good mould resistance.

* Flowering Time : 75 - 90days of 12/12 indoors.

Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is Internationally renown as one of the Most Potent Psychoactive Pure Landrace African Sativas. Afropips Superior First Grade Malawi Gold was selected from 10 years experience with Top Malawi Growers for the Spiciest Taste & the Most Psychoactive Clean Vibrant High. The High is Long Lasting & has an Enjoyable Alert Mental Clarity coupled with a Warm Pleasant Feeling that radiates throughout the Body. The Unique Tropical & Luxuriant Spicey Sativa Up High can be attributed to the presence of THCV in this Early Cultivated Strain.

Superior First Grade Malawi Gold is Only Available from the Top Malawi Gold Growers in Malawi. This is Not Wild Malawi Seeds Gleaned from the Regular Inferior Cobs that are offered to the tourists & exported to South Africa & the New World.

N.Hemisphere - Indoors. (Veg 0-10 days for 4-6 ft plant) S.Hemisphere - Outdoors. (Up to 4 metres tall)

* Flowering Time : 90 -120 days of 12/12.

Malawi Mini

The Shorter Statured Compact Version of the First Grade Malawi Gold has been developed for height restricted Indoors cultivation although it will perform well outdoors in the Southern Hemisphere. The plants will reach apx' a metre tall if grown into a 12/12 flowering cycle Indoors. Taste & Strength are the same as First Grade Malawi Gold.

* Flower Time: 90-120 days
* Environment: Indoors

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