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C99 x Bubba Kush

A lovely combination of sativa and indica , produces a nice sized plant with plenty of arms full of fat nugetty buds the smells is a bit like pineapple bubblegum , with a musty background as it matures

* Flowering Time : 60 Days
* Environment : INDOOR/OUTDOOR

C99 x Cali Orange Bud

A lovely cross between sativa and indica , grows very firm and large pom pom like heads that mature with a slight orangey scent to them A very impressive plant to grow , packed with heaps of resin and a very powerful stoned expect good to very good yields

* Flowering Time : 60 DAYS
* Environment : INDOOR/OUTDOOR

C99 x Grapefruit

PineappleC99 x Female Seeds' Grapefruit I grew this lady outdoors and was more than happy with its growth and firm flowers, at 50 days into flower she is bursting with resin and a beautiful fruity sativa punch smell exudes from her good yields

* Flowering Time : 60 Days
* Environment : INDOOR/OUTDOOR

C99 x Haze

Another sativa based beauty , a pineapple flavored plant crossed with a mango flavored sativa also a bit of a stretchy thing as she bursts into flower , but again forms perfect looking sativa buds indoors , with a bit of a subtle fresh sativa smell .. a chance to experience the tropics in your lounge room as you toke this beauty a fairly long flowering plant at around 70-75 days till harvest , but well worth the wait

* Flowering Time : 70-75 DAYS
* Environment : INDOOR/OUTDOOR

C99 x Panama Red

A match made in heaven this plant is an absolute pleasure to grow, its long sativery arms fill out into perfect floral bouquets that smack of fresh sativa with a fruity background it can be a little hard to control as it stretches into flower, but the buds fill out into lovely sativa nuggets an amazing high from this plant , really strong sativa high that many search for.

* Flowering Time : 60-70 DAYS
* Environment : INDOOR/OUTDOOR

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