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Black Indica

When getting hit with a sledge hammer isn't enough, it's time for some Black Indica! A creation for the truly brave at heart, or spare of time, the Black Indica is a narcotic heavy indica meant for real medicine or people that need to be inebriated! Whatever your fancy, the Black Indica finishes you off with out question. Short stocky Iranian mom meets heavy afghani hashplant dad. The ultimate spicy 7 week gooey killer!

* Genetics: Mostly Indica
* Specifics: Iranian Indica x Afgani Hashplant
* Flowering Time: Indoor: 7-8 weeks
* Taste: Spicey hashy taste

Brain Warp

Speed meets confusion and dizziness! This should come with a warning label! By crossing our Kali-sativa with our Heavy sativa dom Ak-47, we came up with a cross that surprised everyone! No one expected the high so hallucinogenic, sweet and tasty, but that’s where everything stops! When yours eyes start throbbing you know the ride is about to begin. Again go easy on the nutes and after 10 weeks it’s time to get ready to have your brain warped!

* Genetics: Mostly Sativa
* Specifics: Cali Sativa x AK-47
* Flowering Time: Indoors: 10 weeks
* Taste: Sweet Hallucinogenic taste

Chocolate Diesel

A true sativa of the ages! Chocolate Thai meets NYC Diesel, one word: Tasty!!! A tall lanky plant that recreates classic flavours. Crazy soaring high that sees no ceiling! Be careful smoking too much as jaw clinching has been known to happen. Does not enjoy heavy feedings, very happy with light feeding. 10-12weeks of resin covered nuggets, she’s a sensitive girl so be careful with stress and you will be rewarded with buds that are so tasty and potent your friends will be afraid!

* Genetics: Mostly Sativa
* Specifics: Chocolate Thai x NYC Diesel
* Flowering Time: Indoors: 10 - 12 weeks
* Taste: Chocolate diesel taste

Evil Pineapple

Who would ever believe they would meet an evil pineapple? Well when stocky, shiny C99 bumps uglies with a Champagne Hashplant, you get an Evil Pineapple! She’s a heavy yielder that finishes in 7 weeks but will add even more if you push her a bit. She gets branchy so get ready to tie the evil girl up! We lost the C99 dad as he seems to be one of those one night stand kinda guys, so this one is truly a Limited edition!

* Genetics: Mostly Indica
* Specifics: C99 x Champagne Hashplant
* Flowering Time: Indoor: 7-9 weeks
* Taste: Pineapple citrus taste

Kali Black

East meets west! A bad ass California sativa(short flowering) meets our heavy weight Black indica. Lots of vigor, with three pheno’s one brain twisting sativa (rare), one very couchy indica, and majority of pheno’s are the offspring of these champions, very well balanced crushing weed! Good 7-9 week plants with heavy yield!

* Genetics: Mostly Indica
* Specifics: Cali Sativa x Black Indica
* Flowering Time: Indoors: 7-9 weeks
* Taste: Well balanced taste

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