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Blue 13

A very pretty plant chosen for it's Sativa heavy mother. She is vigorous growing with copious amounts of potent Sativa dominant resins and a strong berry taste. 8 weeks flowering time.

Blue SugarBerry

Now these squatty dankness, I am a superfan of Indicas and Indica Dom Hybrids, so i had to make a "Lonestar" quality killer with UIndica dom genetics. This is another Medicinal quality fatbud from TRC, these "collector item" type buds will have color's and aromas akin to fruit and sandalwood.


Classic M39 x TRC Blueberry F4's.
Flower Time: 8 Weeks

* Flower Time: 8 weeks

Blueberry F4

Bluepot fun. Not a single disappointed Grower of TRC Blueberry! She doesn't do the weirdness as much as 'others' blue's, and yet the care and nurturing of a four year love affair does show when these babies are in flower. Don't worry about the Purpley stems and water leaves, and occasional bud, as it does that dense sticky ass kickin' deal natural like. Half strength nutes always does the trick, as too much "N" will hurt'em, with a modicum of care, you too will grow cannabis cup quality Blueberry also! Very potent and cures a lil longer than average, due to extreme resining.

* Flowers Time: 8 - 9+ weeks

Double Heather

TRC Double Heather was created when we found genetics freaks during Texas Heather testing! Two plants stood out as being faster, stronger, more vigorous, and most importantly even more potent. The female put on more resin and size than the rest, and the other was a male with giant fans leaves and resin coated pods. TRC Double Heather buds are fat and potent with a thick smoke that comes on like a freight train and pulls you to your knees! An extremely potent and easy to grow big yielder.

* Type: Mostly Indica
* Specifics: Texas Heather IBL
* Flowering Time: Indoor: 8-9 weeks

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