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Afghani x California Indica

100% germination with fast and vigorous growth extra strength hybrid orange coloured buds high resin

History: This variety originates from an Afghani #6 mother cultivated by top Dutch breeders who obtained seeds during a stay in Afghanistan. The father seed is a strong Californian strain, which has been carefully maintained by expert Californian cultivators since the 70s.

Production: Indoor production is over 400g/m; outdoor production is over kilo per plant.

* Flowering Time: indoor 55-60 days
* Outdoor at the end of September

Aurora Indica X Afghani

100% germination with rapid growth vigorous hybrid sweet and fruity taste

History: This variety comes from the crossing of two strains of indica from completely opposite longitudes. The mother comes from California and is a fast growing, strong plant with a fruity aroma and flavour. The father, a more powerful plant, is from the Massar-Shariff region of Afghanistan and balances the mother perfectly.

Production: Indoor production can surpass 400g/m; outdoor production is over 600g per plant.

* Flowering Time: indoor 70 days
* Outdoor during the middle of October

KC33 x Skunk

100% germination with vigorous growth strong hybrid extremely strong aroma high THC percentage high-gland yield and extremely productive

History: This variety comes from a cross between a select mother seed of potent, high-producing KC-33 and a vigorous skunk. Both mother and father are highly psychoactive. The result is a thick, sturdy plant with a powerful high with an amazing taste and aroma.

Production: Indoor production can harvest over 400g/m, outdoor production per plant can surpass 800g.

* Flowering Time: indoor 60-65 days
* Outdoor at beginning of October

Skunk x Big Bud

100% germination and high performance plant very strong hybrid super dense main bud distinctive flavour very intense green leaf colour.

History: This variety was created by renowned breeders in an attempt to achieve a plant of the highest quality which is both high-producing and resistant to typical pests and disease. It is a cross between a mother of Skunk #1 (named Killer Stink) with a select strain of Big Bud.

Production: This plant is very productive. Indoors it can produce over 600g/m; outdoor production can surpass one kilo per plant.

* Flowering Time: indoors 65-75 days
* Outdoor during middle of October

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