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The Story of BOG

Back in about 1970 we were 16 and trying to grow bag seed outside with little success but we did have some plants and we did smoke some immature weed. I was married at 18 and by age 19 I had my own farm where I grew outdoors. I became successful to a point but genetics were not easily available and I had to do the best I had with what I had. You never really knew what you had but you thought it tasted like what might have been called this or that.

It wasn't at all scientific but I read High Times and I learned about sense early on so my plants were good pot if they would finish and I developed my own strains. Another friend of mine also had a fine strain we called Blanchard Weed and it rivaled my best now in heavy resins. I had created my own feminized line I called "RED" and it yielded more than his and tasted great but it wasn't as potent. Eventually I mixed his with mine and grew this cross, mine more Sativaish and his was Indica. Eventually the strain became hermaphroditic due to many generations of inbreeding.

I was online in early '99 and this is when I got access to Seedsdirect and Gypsy. He sent me many genetics and many growers at OG sent me seeds to work with. Getting lucky with a few good strains I made f2 seeds and selected clones. Years of selection led to a very fine bubblegum called Bogbubble and that was crossed later to a NL5 to make Bogglegum. When Lifesaver came out people saw that I was 3 for 3 and they couldn't understand how a small grower did it?

Gypsy still calls me the "Enigma" which means mystery and I prefer to maintain some of the mystery as part of my BOG myth. You know about me living in a cave and great granddaddy being an alien. I am not a myth however and those who have judged me by the fruits of my labors no longer question how I do my work. Now Sour Bubble is going to stun the breeding world. Just mark my words.

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