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Breeder: Green House Seed Co. Views: 4919
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Green House is one of the first seed companies to grow marijuana commercially from Holland. In 1986 they began their pedigree-breeding program to develop new seed strains. Greenhouse Seeds aim was to develop stronger different flavored strains to what the market currently offered providing the consumer with a greater variety. Greenhouse Seed Company thought that developing stronger seed strains would also prevent cannabis users from seeking harder drugs by providing a genuine strong cannabis alternative to hard drugs.
The Greenhouse Seed Company breeding program to develop the new strains used new growing methods including using new substrates, climatic controls and new nutrient formulas served to the plants using new methods. The breeding program was a success. The first Green House, coffee shop, Tolstraat, opened soon after and popularity of the seed strains grew as more people sampled the new strains on offer at the shop. Master Kush and Cytral were a big success and Greenhouse was proud to have them represented at the 1st High Times Cannabis Cup. A second Green House coffee shop, Waterlooplein, opened in 1995. The artistic looking shop won the Cannabis Cup for the best looking coffee shop that year. As the Greenhouse Seed Company continued to grow they looked for a partner and a collaboration with a former Sensi Seed breeder led to a third Green House shop in 1997.

"Be afraid, be very afraid, the Great White Shark is on the lookout for those seeking THC overload!"
Great White Shark is one of the many super potent varieties that Green House produced. They won the Cannabis Cup this year with their excellent Super Silver Haze, which took the competition (and the judges!) apart. They've also got their own crystal beauty, White Widow, which produces buds oozing with rich, sticky resin and a THC level best kept secret.

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