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Giant Cindy

Giant Cindy consists of a monster Green Giant female pollinated with a lovely citrus smelling C99 male. From here the off spring was crossed once again back to the C99 male to give it a further uplifting high and shorter flowering time. GreenGiant is a great commercial growers strain that is a heavy Indica-dominant strain. BigBud/ShivaSkunk The strain can be couchy at times but because of itís massive bulk and super close nodes I felt this would be a great contender to beef up C99 with some added size. Green Giants proven track record in my feminized range and combined by C99 awesome stableness what more could I ask for when it come to creating a bulky short flowering hermie resistant strain. After the first crossing of C99 I felt the strain was still not uplifting enough but carried some great thick growth that any commercial grower would be proud of. But following the second back cross to C99 the resulting offspring had excelled with an even higher lifting smoke and still maintaining a well structured bulky plant. Flowering time has shortened to around 8wks carrying an even more pronounced lovely sweet fruity pineapple candy like smell and combined with a hashy fruity taste. Smoking these numbers can be very inspirational and uplifting at times. If you want some nice large chunky numbers that contain a very pleasant uplifting feel instead of glue you to the couch affect these are for you. The end results C99/Green Giant x C99 = Giant Cindy.

* Genetics: C99/Green Giant x C99
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